Two weeks before the festive opening of Sukcesja Shopping and Entertainment Mall, its brand new website had its grand premiere.

9 September 2015

About us
On Wednesday MakoLab celebrated the new opening in the history of the company - the presentation of its new mission and strategy joined with the premiere of the new MakoLab website. is a site created in Responsive Web Design and based on Sitecore Customer ...

2 September 2015

Quick and up-to-date contact with the press is nowadays a necessity. This is why, after successful deployments in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, a new press center has been launched for Renault Poland. Located on the regional website of Renault, its goal is to accelerate...

10 August 2015

About us
On May 13th, team announced that our automotive extension ("car" extension), created together with prof. dr. Martin Hepp, officially became a part of - the most popular standard which describes structular data on the Internet. Our extension is among...

15 May 2015

Our cooperation with Renault-Nissan has continued for the last 14 years. We have been involved in projects for Renault UK from nearly the beginning, while the milestone deployment of the first website from the ground up took place in 2008. At the beginning of April, the ...

21 April 2015

About us
During this year’s Academic Jobs Fair, whose anniversary took place in Łódź Expo Hall on April 21st, representatives of the region’s most interesting employers presented their offers. Naturally, we were among them.

17 April 2015

Warn belongs to Group DLD which specializes in providing advanced solutions used in difficult, extreme and even hopeless situations – on land, water and in air. We have worked for the headquarters of Group DLD in France for the past several years. This time, our task was...

10 April 2015

Do you know what Algorithm is? No, we do not mean any new updates at Google, but our latest realization for Dr Irena Eris. This time we have designed a landing page with banners promoting a cosmetics line from the series of anti-aging products. The realization provides d...

9 April 2015

Today, the speed and ease of exchanging information with the media is a key issue. This is why offices of Renault in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia decided to facilitate contacting and obtaining of press materials by the media by means of a dedicated system of distributio...

20 March 2015

At the beginning of 2015, MakoLab S.A. signed a contract with Microsoft Corporation, with headquarters in Redmond, USA, whose subject is cooperation in development and marketing of MakoLab’s original application used for generation of leads, i.e. contacts with entities p...

28 January 2015

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