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30 years is a long period in history. Especially when in comes to an IT company. On June 13, in the industrial interiors of the prestigious and historic EC1 Łódź - City of Culture, MakoLab – together with its employees, customers, partners and friends - celebrated the ro...

1 July 2019

The goal set by the Medical University of Lodz is searching for new ways of reaching the potential study candidates. To attract international students, the University decided to apply online marketing activities and to announce the tender for a recruitment campaign. The ...

27 June 2019

About us
MakoLab has been a member of EMD Council since 2014 focused on the activity related to Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) since the beginning of its membership. In 2016 it developed an extension to schema.org based on FIBO, accepted by schema.org consortium of s...

5 June 2019

About us
Virtual Car 360 Co. is the result of over 2 years of intensive cooperation of two companies dynamically operating in Automotive and IT - MakoLab and CSP Automotive. It is aimed at offering e-commerce innovative solutions responding to the specific needs of the automotive...

29 April 2019

MakoLab's offices are located in 6 cities all over the world. Contact us.  

26 March 2019

In February 2019, MakoLab finalised the process of joining the Sovrin Network by signing an agreement with The Sovrin Foundation as the second company from Poland. Consequently, we joined the group of 70 companies from around the world involved in the process of creating...

4 March 2019

A new fanpage belonging to the Nivona brand - a producer of high-quality coffee machines - appeared on Facebook. MakoLab - Digital Solutions Agency has presented the best idea for running a Polish brand profile on social media. For this reason, the agency is responsible ...

24 January 2019

The 99Rent brand - a network of car rental companies operating in nearly 40 cities in Poland - can boast of the first virtual car showroom in 360 technology. MakoLab - the digital solutions agency, has created the new 99Select.pl website with the implementation of Virtua...

15 January 2019

The R&D arm of MakoLab has been developing semantic technology competences focused on solutions for the Fintech and RegTech industries for several years now. Winning the tender launched by European Commission for a supervisory reporting concept dictionary is outstand...

2 January 2019

About us
LEI.INFO  is an international platform offering a wide range of services related to LEI - a global mechanism for identifying financial institutions. Together with XYO Network Partners - promoting the world’s first location network based on Blockchain technology – they es...

17 December 2018