Case study
How to improve the time and performance of work with suppliers of packaging components by streamlining the transport notification process? Amcor – a global leader in the development and production of high-quality, eco-friendly packaging – decided to do this by using the ...

31 July 2020

The global lockdown has affected almost every business, including the automotive industry. Is it possible to buy a car without leaving home? It turns out that it is. All you need to do is use the right tools, and your customers will be pleased that the sellers meet their...

22 July 2020

We are proud to expand our partnership with EDM Council to bring wider applications and education of Knowledge Graph technology to a variety of industries.
The quarterly report published on 14 May 2020 brings good information on the company's results. The strong upward trend from last year was continued. It is worth emphasizing that revenue increased by 42% compared to the same period in 2019. All planned projects were comp...

22 May 2020

In its Annual Report 2019, published on 9 April, MakoLab SA confirmed its good results presented earlier in its Q4 report. The upward trend observed in the previous years continued, with an increase in revenue by 36% and net result doubled compared to 2018. The strategy ...

9 April 2020

Dacia is encouraging customers to make the most of tried and tested, safe and economical technology. The latest version of the LPG Calculator web app can now be found on the website. The app assists the brand’s customers with checking out the potential benefits ...

8 April 2020

In their daily work, Renault network dealers in Poland already have the opportunity to use the Virtual Car 360 system modules. For customers, this means that they can view the car they are interested in without leaving their home. All you need is a computer with internet...

31 March 2020

It has been a week since we started working remotely. We have decided to share with you information on how it works with us. How did we prepare for it? Did our IT team pull an all-nighter? How does work from home affect us? Are customers satisfied? Are we satisfied? :) W...

23 March 2020

MakoLab S.A. has maintained an upward trend and continues a good run in selling its services. The provider of dedicated business solutions for top global players, primarily associated with the automotive industry, has recorded a 36% increase in revenues and an almost two...

19 February 2020

About us
MakoLab, as a reliable business partner for the automotive companies, has implemented TISAX   - the international standard developed by the German automotive industry association, VDA. TISAX sets out the conditions for maintaining the required level of confidentiality wh...

7 January 2020