The new version of the R-link2 emulator web application for Renault

The new version of the R-link2 emulator web application for Renault

MakoLab has created a new version of the R-link2 emulator - a web application that simulates the operation of the R-Link2 multimedia system, available for Renault cars. It holds particular use for potential business partners as it enables the presentation of the capabilities of the car system. Customers who want to learn how to use this system will, as a result, benefit from this feature.

Polish version
R-Link2 was created back in 2015. It's a multimedia system that enables voice control functions such as searching for a destination route with the most up-to-date maps, calling conversations with contacts saved in the phonebook or in the call history, reading e-mails or obtaining information on traffic in real time.
Having access to so many useful functionalities could potentially cause problems for users who would like to exploit the uses of the system but do not fully understand the solutions provided. The problem concerns not only new customers but also those who already have a vehicle with the R-Link2. They may not already know how to use the car system, even for its simpler tasks. Furthermore, as clients become increasingly digitised, they are more ready than ever to become acquainted with the different kinds of emulators to help them utilise the in-car tool.
That's what gave birth to the idea of this dedicated tool, designed to provide the aforementioned functionalities that will allow both current and potential customers to get acquainted with the simple and complex functions of the system before they even start using them in their cars. It is also of great convenience for business partners involved in the sale of Renault cars as they will be able to present customers with the applications capabilities before the purchase of a car with the R-Link2 system.
For now, the application works in English and French and will ultimately support the addition of several other languages. It is fully responsive, which means that users can also make the most of it on their mobile devices.
The app is available here.
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Polish version

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