Our offices all over the world

Our offices all over the world


MakoLab's offices are located in 6 cities all over the world. Contact us.  


Łódź HQ

MakoLab HQ
ul. Demokratyczna 46
Łódź 93-430
Call us: +48 42 2392850
E-mail us: office@makolab.com


MakoLab office
ul. Rzgowska 30
Łódź 93-172
Call us: +48 42 2392850
E-mail us: office@makolab.com


MakoLab office
ul. Żurawia 6/12
Warszawa 00-503
Call us: +48 42 2392850
E-mail us: office@makolab.com


MakoLab SA Delivery Center
Al. Racławickie 14
Lublin 20-950
Call us: +48 532 759 508
E-mail us: office@makolab.com



MakoLab office
117 Avenue Victor Hugo
Boulogne Billancourt
Appelez nous: +33 1 70 96 00 26
Envoyez-nous un email:paris@makolab.com


MakoLab UK. Ltd.
Work.life, 13 Hawley Crescent,
London NW1 8NP
Call us: +44 (0) 203 950 1071
E-mail us: london@makolab.com 

Gainesville, USA

MakoLab USA Inc.
20 West University Ave. 305M
Gainesville FL 32601


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A Magento-based e-commerce platform and a product configurator for Grain - case study


We worked with Grain, a bespoke furniture start-up in the UK, to create a new e-commerce store that allows people to create their own products, in real-time, using a 3D product configurator. Thanks to it you can design your perfect piece of furniture online!
MakoLab creates Magento based e-commerce platform for innovative UK start-up, Grain


The challenge was simple in thought, but complex by solution: enable customers to create custom pieces of furniture and buy them online. For this, Grain needed a new platform allowing for an interactive customer experience. Based on Magento, this new e-commerce platform and product configurator for Grain has been created by MakoLab – Digital Solutions Agency from Poland, boasting offices all around the world including London, Paris and Gainesville.
MakoLab presents the new LEI.INFO SAAS Platform at RegTech Data Summit 2018


There are more than 980 million all over the world, working in 170 different countries. What are they? These are the financial sector entities that can be identified through the LEI - a global standard that is recognised and required by an increasing number of regulators across the globe. The American company MakoLab USA has now developed the LEI.INFO platform, allowing you to get instant access to the database of entities holding LEI’s as well as to receive help in obtaining your own unique identifier.
Furniture configurator app for Groupe Poldem - case study


Created by MakoLab the 3D furniture configurator delivers a realistic presentation of the furniture models variants in various colours, upholstery, etc., thus being a useful tool in arranging apartment and office spaces.

3D Furniture Configurator – Mobile App for Poldem

The furniture industry has not been absent from keeping pace and investing in new technologies. To adapt to the requirements of modern consumers who want to use the solutions that modern technologies can now offer, Groupe Poldem decided to create a mobile application to support the sales process in their distributed network of furniture stores. The technology and marketing agency Makolab was the technological partner behind this mobile app project.