Our offices all over the world

Our offices all over the world


MakoLab's offices are located in 6 cities all over the world. Contact us.  


Łódź HQ

MakoLab HQ
ul. Demokratyczna 46
Łódź 93-430
Call us: +48 42 2392850
E-mail us: office@makolab.com


MakoLab office
ul. Rzgowska 30
Łódź 93-172
Call us: +48 42 2392850
E-mail us: office@makolab.com


MakoLab office
ul. Żurawia 6/12
Warszawa 00-503
Call us: +48 42 2392850
E-mail us: office@makolab.com


MakoLab SA Delivery Center
Al. Racławickie 14
Lublin 20-950
Call us: +48 532 759 508
E-mail us: office@makolab.com



MakoLab office
117 Avenue Victor Hugo
Boulogne Billancourt
Appelez nous: +33 1 70 96 00 26
Envoyez-nous un email:paris@makolab.com


MakoLab UK. Ltd.
Work.life, 13 Hawley Crescent,
London NW1 8NP
Call us: +44 (0) 203 950 1071
E-mail us: london@makolab.com 

Gainesville, USA

MakoLab USA Inc.
20 West University Ave. 305M
Gainesville FL 32601


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MakoLab reports increase in revenues in the first quarter of 2018 and the first effects of investments in innovative technologies, including Blockchain


MakoLab's revenues increased by 32% in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the same period last year. In response to the growing interest in the solutions offered for the automotive and finance sectors, the Company increases the employment of specialists and invests in research projects using Blockchain and semantic technologies.
Virtual Car 360 - The Future of Online Car Sales


Virtual Car 360 is a new product created for businesses engaged in the selling of new and used cars, including for importers of the largest global brands. This innovative solution is the first of its kind in Europe for the total preparation of information, materials and presentations of real cars, online, in 360. The Virtual Car 360 brand manifested through a collaborative effort with leading automotive solutions companies - CSP, MakoLab and S Plus. It is already established that this technology will revolutionise the sale of cars online. This solution is ready to both shorten and simplify the entire sales process in ways previously unrealisable.
RCI Banque Financial Simulators - case study


Up to 2 million financing simulations daily on over  350 Renault and Nissan websites worldwide. Get to know the solution delivered, supported and hosted by MakoLab that allows potential clients of Renault-Nissan to directly benefit from the functionality and usability of the financial simulators.
A Magento-based e-commerce platform and a product configurator for Grain - case study


We worked with Grain, a bespoke furniture start-up in the UK, to create a new e-commerce store that allows people to create their own products, in real-time, using a 3D product configurator. Thanks to it you can design your perfect piece of furniture online!

3D Furniture Configurator – Mobile App for Poldem

The furniture industry has not been absent from keeping pace and investing in new technologies. To adapt to the requirements of modern consumers who want to use the solutions that modern technologies can now offer, Groupe Poldem decided to create a mobile application to support the sales process in their distributed network of furniture stores. The technology and marketing agency Makolab was the technological partner behind this mobile app project.