MakoLab unveils a new branch in Lublin

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MakoLab unveils a new branch in Lublin


On 23rd October 2017, the new MakoLab Delivery Center (MDC) in Lublin was officially opened. Working in collaboration with the Catholic University of Lublin John Paul II (KUL), this inaugural event with the university marked an instrumental step forwards for the development of Makolab’s R&D department.

Through the creation of the MakoLab Delivery Center, the company seeks to stimulate an even greater transfer of knowledge from the world of science to business.

Through this new initiative, we will look for new and innovative ideas and ways to implement them, using both practical and theoretical knowledge to do so. We are open to engaging with creative scientists looking for opportunities to implement their innovative ideas.

says Head of the Delivery Center Dr. Robert Trypuz DSc.

This R&D department in Lublin will be involved in the development of digital solutions for the automotive and financial industries, with an additional focus on the development of artificial intelligence and semantic networks, as well as Blockchain technology solutions. This month, the MDC will launch one of MakoLab's key AI projects, the Intelligent Search Insights, in collaboration with KUL. The project is co-financed by the PARP program.
MakoLab intends for this new facility to also enable ambitious students to practice their technical skills, covering a wide range of IT technologies used within MakoLab.

This centre gives both us, as well as students, the chance to develop. This year, seven students from KUL took part in an internship programme at MakoLab. A number of them were invited to Lodz, to the headquarters of the company, where they were able to sharpen their skills in creating user interfaces in web applications. The rest were able to practice in Lublin under the guidance of our R&D department, getting to know the secrets of SEO and how to create tags in web applications using the dictionary.

says Dr. Miroslaw Sopek, Vice-CEO and founder of MakoLab.

The MakoLab Delivery Center will also become a springboard for both bourgeoning and more experienced IT professionals who are looking to improve their skills within a rapidly growing IT company. In addition to the R&D team, the MDC also employs front-end and .NET specialists.
We invite all persons interested in working with the MakoLab Delivery Center to contact (tel. +48 532 759 508, e-mail:

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