LMT and SAP integration for Renault Middle East - simple and efficient customer service

LMT and SAP integration for Renault Middle East - simple and efficient customer service


On behalf of our Renault client in Saudi Arabia, we have integrated the installation of Makolab’s original Lead Management Tool with SAP software. This is the first of its kind in the Middle East. MakoLab's solution greatly facilitates the work of importers from Saudi Arabia, allowing them to have all their data in one place. As a result, this tool greatly improves customer service.

The Lead Management Tool was implemented for Renault Middle East in 2012. To date, the tool has been successfully implemented in many of the countries in the region - Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, UAE, and Egypt. The solution supports the lead handling process in accordance with established business rules, which may additionally command reaction times and include dealer hours. With LMT, users can monitor the progress of an order and distribute leads for different brands to different audiences.
At the beginning of the year, our client asked us to perform the integration of parts of the LMT instance with SAP software. Integration requires a two-way data exchange between the LMT and SAP CRM. The lead collection process starts through the use of the LMT, from which the acquired data is then sent to the CRM. Based on the collected information from this tool, data is then processed by the importer's employees, within the framework of the local Call Center. The status of each case is regularly updated in the LMT, which remains the main analytical tool for the entire group of countries in the region.

Let's assume that one of the dealers in Riyadh is reporting to a customer interested in testing the new Renault Captur. Via a web page, the dealer fills in a simple form and the data goes to the LMT. From this level, information is now available to Renault Middle East employees. A Call Centre then becomes responsible for relaying communications with the potential customer, which uses SAP solutions. The customer's interest is sent there, and from that point on, all the details of the case are recorded directly in SAP. Cyclic data synchronization (both ways) ensures consistency. Finally, the importer can provide and coordinate high-quality services (also using additional modules within its CRM), and Renault continues to use LMT as a knowledge base on the situation in all markets in the region.

Szymon Wojciechowski, IT Projects Manager at MakoLab

The biggest challenge has been the preparation of the appropriate "mapping" between operating systems so that all data exchanges are correct and do not affect other business processes that function through both applications.
As a result of this project, Saudi Arabian importers can use their existing CRM solutions and the familiar lead management module, whilst efficient inter-system communication ensures data consistency across the Middle East.

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