Renault in Baltic countries – online press center

Renault in Baltic countries – online press center


Today, the speed and ease of exchanging information with the media is a key issue. This is why offices of Renault in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia decided to facilitate contacting and obtaining of press materials by the media by means of a dedicated system of distribution of information.

The goal of the new press centers available on local websites is to speed up the process of distribution of information and facilitate transferring of larger amounts of press materials to the visiting journalists.
For this purpose, three press centers available on the websites have been reformulated. The main assumption behind the project was to create a fully intuitive, easy to use and transparent channel for exchange of information, using which journalists would find the most important information without obstacles.
Our offer for Renault’s local offices in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia consisted in a solution based on the latest technology: ASP.MVC 4.0. The solution has been designed within the Responsive Web Design paradigm. Users are able to download information posted on the site, together with rich galleries of photographs and video clips. One may easily download larger bundles of news items and other press materials simultaneously.
Every representative of the media also has access to a newsletter dedicated to the media. We have put considerable emphasis on designing a user friendly administrator’s panel, which facilitates adding press releases, as well as creating dedicated newsletter items.
The time required for preparation of content is an important factor – the tool’s intuitiveness is thus of huge significance from the technical point of view. We are glad that our solution contributes to enhancing communication between Renault’s teams and the world of media.


Together with Microsoft – the Redmond giant co-finances MakoLab’s new project

At the beginning of 2015, MakoLab S.A. signed a contract with Microsoft Corporation, with headquarters in Redmond, USA, whose subject is cooperation in development and marketing of MakoLab’s original application used for generation of leads, i.e. contacts with entities potentially interested in specific offers. The application’s functioning can be described briefly as follows.