A new website for the French leader on the market of winches
A new website for the French leader on the market of winches

A new website for the French leader on the market of winches

Warn belongs to Group DLD which specializes in providing advanced solutions used in difficult, extreme and even hopeless situations – on land, water and in air. We have worked for the headquarters of Group DLD in France for the past several years. This time, our task was to rebuild the website of Warn – the leader on the market of winches of all types, operating in 65 countries.

The goal was to refresh the French website of the company and properly present its rich offer, as well as to ensure intuitive access to the vast array of products and technical data. The challenge was to create an advanced search engine for products, working on unusual parameters such as pull strength. The search engine is an essential tool available from the level of the site. For maintaining relations with clients, three types of contact forms have been designed. Each one is associated with a specific product group. The site was created on basis of a CMS on the Drupal platform.
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