Automotive extension is a part of 2.0 - a historic moment for MakoLab team!
Automotive extension is a part of 2.0 - a historic moment for MakoLab team!

Automotive extension is a part of 2.0 - a historic moment for MakoLab team!

On May 13th, team announced that our automotive extension ("car" extension), created together with prof. dr. Martin Hepp, officially became a part of - the most popular standard which describes structular data on the Internet. Our extension is among the most essential changes implemented with 2.0 version of It is our success and prestige, but that is not all.

Google refers to GAO initiative ( both on and an official blog Co-authors of this project (Dr. Mirek Sopek, Karol Szczepański and Prof. Martin Hepp) have gathered titular congratulations for creating this innovative extension.
What has exactly been added?
Until now, have benn providing only very shallow elements for describing cars. The new solution allows to describe cars in terms of detailed information about wide range of aspects such as: type of engine, interior, fuel consumption or maximum speed. Descriptions of new, used or rental cars can also contain information about damages. 
What does it mean for the Internet users?

Google had approved the ontology of using its structural data in the extended search results (Rich Snippets or Knowledge Graph). It is possible that we will see precise and detailed information about cars (opinions, prices, availablity) in the nearest future.
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