Communication between Renault Poland and the press has never been easier - introducing the new press center

Communication between Renault Poland and the press has never been easier - introducing the new press center

Quick and up-to-date contact with the press is nowadays a necessity. This is why, after successful deployments in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, a new press center has been launched for Renault Poland. Located on the regional website of Renault, its goal is to accelerate and facilitate the process of communicating information to the press. 

The main assumption was to create a fully intuitive, simple to use and transparent channel of communication of information between Renault Poland and the media. Journalists are able to download whole bundles of press releases, photos, video clips and other materials at the same time. Moreover, each of them has access to a newsletter dedicated to the media. 
The solution is based on the ASP.MVC 4.0 technology and has been designed in the RWD technology. Our priority was to create a user-friendly administrative panel and an intuitive user interface, so that both parties obtain maximum ease of use. 
The press center is located at
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