New website for Renault Poland

New website for Renault Poland

As part of the Helios project, Renault is undergoing a global reorganization of its visual identification on the Web. The entire process, scheduled to span the next few years, will affect 350 websites, as well as tools and apps used around the globe by all of Renault’s brands – that is Nissan, Infiniti, Dacia and others.

The main goal behind the project is to unify these services under the worldwide umbrella of Renault’s global brand, and to adjust them to current trends in user communications. Customer and user experience delivered by these products must satisfy the highest possible standards. This will be achieved by tremendous effort in terms of research and development.
We have participated in the Helios project since its inception, as a member of the international team led by Digitas LBi. MakoLab is responsible for integration of the new websites with already deployed external systems, as well as for migration of data.
During the past few months, we have worked on the new website for Renault Poland, launched on December 10th.  Our task was to create its structure and conduct migration of data from the old architecture to the new Helios solution – which is a centralized platform based on Adobe Experience Manager. We ensured proper implementation of content and data migration in accordance with mechanisms at work in search engines (the so-called mapping process), so that the shift from the old portal to the new one would not cause any losses in terms of search engine positioning in Google. It worked.
Our responsibilities also included: designing contact forms, conducting deployment tests and integrating the website with modules used by Renault, also created by MakoLab: Lead Management Tool, Owner Services (My Renault), financial simulators and Used Cars Search Engine ( We have prepared new versions of existing minisites: Promotions ( and “Renault od ręki” ( – both adjusted to the new visual appearance of the portal.
Renault’s new site is fully responsive and offers intuitive navigation. Essential information – concerning Renault’s offer, its services and the company itself – is grouped in 3 tabs of the topmost menu: Samochody (Cars), Usługi (Services) and Świat Renault (Renault World). Visitors may not only choose their perfect car – either a new model or a used one – but also locate the nearest dealership, handle insurance, arrange a maintenance visit or book a test drive. In case of doubts, clients may contact a consultant by means of the online chat.

As part of the Helios project, websites of Renault in Hungary and Romania have also been launched recently. Portals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are coming soon – with our help as well.
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