Mirek Sopek and Chemical Semantics on the Venture Summit West 2016
Mirek Sopek and Chemical Semantics on the Venture Summit West 2016

Mirek Sopek and Chemical Semantics on the Venture Summit West 2016

Mirek Sopek, Vice CEO of MakoLab and CEO of Chemical Semantics Inc., gave a talk on the second Venture Summit West 2016, during which he promoted the subject of Data Publishing for the 21st Century, and the relevant concept developed by the team at Chemical Semantics Inc.

The point of departure for the project is the fundamental change that is taking place in the forms of distribution of technical and scientific knowledge. Publishers of scientific and technical articles must face new realities of modern publishing, and the problems arising from the rapidly changing model of media consumption and channels of access – such as the decrease in sales of traditional (printed) books, the increasing popularity of eBooks, as well as portals and platforms that compete with them by providing free access to scientific data.
According to Mirek Sopek, the present day publishing industry must adjust to the new market conditions or… vanish. One way of meeting the new challenge consists in Data Publishing, which originated from the Open Science movement, whose aim is to promote sharing of research results and data sets in a specified manner, so that they are easily accessible and searchable for all interested parties.
In order to survive, publishing agencies should focus on applying tools, platforms and ecosystems for development of Data Publishing, with revenues obtained from various subscription services. At present, there is practically no competition on the market of Data Publishing tools.
Some companies already publish data within this model, creating independent tools – e.g. F1000, HealthData, Nature (Sdata). Chemical Semantics is working on its own solution, which shall be offered to publishers deciding to enter the Data Publishing market. It is a very interesting area, also for potential investors from outside the strictly understood publishing industry.
Mirek Sopek’s talk was mentioned on youngStartup Venture’s Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/youngStartupVentures/.
This year’s edition of Venture Summit West, organized by youngStartup Venture in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View (Silicon Valley), is the fourth event of this kind. Its goal is to establish a meeting space for representatives of the most innovative companies from the sectors of technology, Cleantech, EdTech and Life Science with potential investors and strategic partners.
More information about Venture Summit West 2016 can be found at: http://www.youngstartup.com/west2016/overview.php
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