New client: MakoLab will conduct SEO operations for Ceramika Paradyż
New client: MakoLab will conduct SEO operations for Ceramika Paradyż

New client: MakoLab will conduct SEO operations for Ceramika Paradyż

MakoLab will be responsible for search engine optimization of the website and its promotion in search engines.

I am very glad that we are initating SEO-oriented works for Ceramika Paradyż. The project, which started at the beginning of April, is very comprehensive. The goal of our activities will be to improve the site’s visibility among search results. We will particularly aim for good positions of keywords related to the site’s subject matter, which should translate into an increase in the number of visitors of Ceramika Paradyż and consequently result in increases in sale 

 said Roman Bębenista, Manager of the E-Marketing department at MakoLab

In order to achieve this, apart from promoting the tile category within the site, an extension of the site’s content is planned in terms of advisory articles, which will provide readers with helpful, valuable content and meaningful answers to their questions. Together, we will be working on increasing the company’s online brand awareness and establishing its position as a leader and expert in the field.
MakoLab will also handle technical SEO consulting for Ceramika Paradyż. As part of these activities, our experts will monitor the site’s performance and recommend optimal solutions to technical problems, as well as adjust content and the site’s source code to requirements of search engines.
Ceramika Paradayż, a Polish brand with 27 years of experience, exports its products to 40 countries around the world and offers a diverse selection of nearly 4000 types of tiles and decorations, developed by more than 1600 specialists in 5 modern manufacturing facilities. Famous for their fashionable style and high levels of quality, ceramic tiles by Paradyż are a perfect match for private interiors, as well as prestigious residential, commercial and public spaces.
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