New quality in insurance sales in Baltic countries thanks to a Scandinavian company

New quality in insurance sales in Baltic countries thanks to a Scandinavian company


Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, a leading Nordic insurance company, is extending its activity in the Baltic countries. MakoLab has significant impact on this expansion, being the provider of a new web portal by means of which clients are able to purchase insurance and manage their policies. The platform was designed on basis of the latest solutions from the field of Customer Experience.

Gjensidige Forsikring ASA has operated in the insurance sector for more than 200 years. The company moved in to the Baltics in 2006, and increased its presence significantly last year by acquiring a major insurance business there. Today Gjensidige operates in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic countries.
Increasing the area of activity by entering new markets is a process accompanied by a new concept of growth. The company puts strong emphasis on long-term optimization of costs and sales processes through increasing participation of electronic sale and client support. Apart from technological solutions developed for many years, the company utilizes for such purposes a well-thought architecture of information and a coherent, consequently applied visual identity. The basic communication channels applied for realization of its goals are websites, including the newest one, developed by MakoLab for Gjensidige Baltic.
The assumption behind the strategy applied by Gjensidige is very simple. A client is able to purchase insurance on their own and execute the associated operations without engaging the company’s personnel – this fact implies savings in time. This time can be devoted to creation of better insurance products, even more suitable for the clients’ needs, and to constantly increase the standard of client support. For this to be possible, the client must be provided with a functional and user-friendly communication tool.
MakoLab was assigned with the task of preparing a new insurance portal for Gjensidige, such that would fulfill the challenging demands set by the company. MakoLab combines competences from the digital market with expertise in the field of business solutions. It possesses many years worth of experience in creation of complex portals and Web apps, business systems and advanced solutions for client management, as well as their integration with other internal systems. It was especially important in this case, as the solution ordered by Gjensidige would be an extension of the already existing internal insurance and client support systems. Choosing MakoLab was also influenced by the fact that the company has worked for many years on various international project, that it has operated in multicultural work environments, and had already provided business systems and websites for insurance institutions in the Baltic countries.
The solution prepared for Gjensidige Baltic greatly exceeds a regular client portal in terms of functionality; it consists of: an information portal, Web apps for online insurance purchase, a system for submitting damages, a comprehensive “self-service” system that allows for browsing through active insurance policies, purchasing of new ones and issuing payments. The entire tool is integrated with the insurer’s systems, banks and a call center.
The scale of the project’s sophistication and complexity can be reflected by the fact that the process of integration included Gjensidige system and existing Lithuania operator insurance systems, as well as other internal applications. It also covered integration with 7 banks (mainly in the area of payment processing and authentication), using different methods and connectors like: database, web services, dedicated API. As a result, the project reached the number of 50 points of integration in total.
Implementation of Google Analytics and Webtrends, as well as metering of the site, provides the company with capabilities of complete monitoring of operations and sales conversion conducted on the site.
The solution’s unique features include:
  1. Implementation of an innovative framework of Gjensidige on the Customer Experience Management Sitecore 8 platform, which allows for creation of new websites and landing pages directly by the marketing department, without involvement of developers. Gjensidige has worked on developing user interfaces for many years, in order to create a collection of components instead of pre-defined website templates, as used on traditional portals.
  2. Ability to complete the entire insurance process, finalized with the receiving of an insurance, in a completely electronic form and on any device.
  3. Access to information and multiple internal systems in a single location of the client portal.
  4. Minimal amount of information required from the client for executing operations – such as policy purchasing, achieved thanks to close integration and verification of data on each stage in multiple systems.
  5. Authentication through banks – a user that does not have an account in the system is able to access their data thanks to the fact that the solution uses banks as verifiers of identity.
  6. The solution is prepared for supporting multiple countries and languages, with preservation of a common ecosystem and collection of components.

The technical solution was prepared using the Microsoft .NET platform and SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture). The portal aspect was realized on basis of the CEP platform by Sitecore, a long time leader in delivery of solutions for content management, as confirmed by analysts of the renowned Gartner institute. Considering the client’s specification, particular attention was applied to security of data, website performance and measurement of actual conversion. A true challenge consisted in the multi-threaded and multi-dimensional integration of different systems and tools, using a variety of methods

 – commented Marcin Kotynia, Manager of Business Solutions team at MakoLab, responsible for realization of the solution for Gjensidige.

Apart from the Polish team, the project involved employees of Gjensidige from Norway, Lithuania and Latvia. The working environment’s multi-cultural character, as well as the multiplicity of languages and locations implied challenging requirements both in terms of communication and tools, work methodology, skills and technical expertise. Efficient management of the project on the part of MakoLab and exemplary client-agency cooperation with Gjensidige resulted in the new portal being completed within 6 months, with initial launch concluded a month before the scheduled date.

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