MakoLab wins the runner-up position for GLEIO ontology!
MakoLab wins the runner-up position for GLEIO ontology!

MakoLab wins the runner-up position for GLEIO ontology!

MakoLab scores up yet another great success on the international stage. The GLEIOOntology, created by Robert Trypuz, Dominik Kuziński and Mirek Sopek, has reached the runner-up position in 2016 Ontology Competition organized by the International Association for Ontology and Its Applications (IAOA). Nine international ontology building teams were competing for the prize, and the three finalists were invited to present their contribution to the international conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS) organized in Annecy, France.

The ontology created by MakoLab was in the finale and was presented in a lecture delivered by Robert Trypuz. The GLEIO Ontology describes LEI – Legal Entity identifier: the most important method for the identification of banks, financial institutions and other entities participating in financial transactions. The most important feature of the GLEIO Ontology, placing it much higher in quality than other ontologies, is the innovative way to describe changes in time undergone by the LEI identifiers or their associated data, that are typical for their practical use today. This very feature positioned our ontology high in the competition and made us the winner of the runner-up award. In our practice, the GLEIO Ontology is used by our portal, addressing the identification needs of global financial institutions.
MakoLab has been investing in the development of innovative technologies for many years. These technologies embrace “smart-data” approach to digital challenges. In recent years, “smart-data” projects at Makolab gained additional push through the use of semantic technologies, which brings significant input into our services for financial institutions.
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MakoLab SA has new premises!

MakoLab SA – Digital Solutions Agency – is one of the first tenants in the newly built business centre in Lodz, located at 8 Ogrodowa Street. The official opening is on 2nd October, and employees have already started working in this creative new modern office space. The dynamic growth of the company – currently employing over 230 specialists – is soon to result in further expansion of the team by several dozen people. Currently the company is looking for project managers, various programming language developers and e-marketing specialists.  The theme of the opening is #NoweWidoki (i.e. #New Horizons), which symbolises the latest new development wave for the company, the people who created it and the city itself.
MakoLab honoured in the “Points for Łódź” competition

MakoLab has received an award in this year’s "Points for Łódź" competition. The company took home an award in the Institutions category - merited for promoting Łódź in the field of international online business.
MakoLab presents the new LEI.INFO SAAS Platform at RegTech Data Summit 2018

There are more than 980 million all over the world, working in 170 different countries. What are they? These are the financial sector entities that can be identified through the LEI - a global standard that is recognised and required by an increasing number of regulators across the globe. The American company MakoLab USA has now developed the LEI.INFO platform, allowing you to get instant access to the database of entities holding LEI’s as well as to receive help in obtaining your own unique identifier.
MakoLab strengthens its teams abroad

The main source of revenue for MakoLab comes from projects carried out for our overseas clients. To reinforce our international competences, we have strengthened our representation in the US and UK offices. In January, two new people joined us to further support the development of MakoLab on our foreign markets.
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